Robert Forster - Warm Nights

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The 'Directors' Cut' re-issue, featuring revised tracklisting and previously unreleased material. Originally released in 1996, Warm Nights repositioned Robert’s standing as one of the great songwriters of the post-punk era. Robert recalls that producer Edwyn Collins “got the [intended] sound of the album completely: a dry low-end groove pitched somewhere between Creedence Clearwater Revival and Willie Mitchell’s early ’70s Hi Records work.” Towards the end of the sessions some complications arose – and it’s these complications that Robert has seized the chance to remedy for this new release of Warm Nights. “It was Edwyn’s idea,” explains Robert, “to bring in a three-piece brass section – it fitted some of the songs beautifully, but it was in the mixing of the brass and the effect it had on the running order that things got complicated, [resulting in] two changes to the album that have been bugging me for 25 years.” Finally, Robert can sleep easy. The revised edition of 'Warm Nights' sees the inclusion of the brass version “Fortress” and the addition of "Half The Way Home” (a song that Robert rashly demoted from the original album and is here for the first time on vinyl). Complementing the revised iteration of Warm Nights is a 7" EP featuring the original album version of “Fortress”, “Rock ’n’ Roll Friend”, “Hypnotized” (originally released on the Cryin’ Love CD single) and “Did You End Up With The One You Love?", a beautiful, hitherto forgotten song Needle Mythology unearthed from the original tape reels from the West Heath recording sessions. Ltd edition of 1000 black vinyl to retail.

1. I Can Do 
2. Warm Nights 
3. Cryin’ Love 
4. Snake Skin Lady 
5. Loneliness
6.Jug Of Wine 
7. Fortress (Brass Version) 
8. Half The Way Home 
9. On A Street Corner 
10. I’ll Jump

Available on limited LP+7"