Ryley Walker - Primrose Green-CD-South

Ryley Walker - Primrose Green

Ryley Walker‰۪s ‰Û÷Primrose Green‰۪ begins near where last album ‰Û÷All Kinds Of You‰۪ leaves but quickly pushes farther afield.

The title sounds pastoral and quaint but the titular green has dark hallucinogenic qualities, as does much of the album.

The band is a mixture of new and old Chicago talent, blending both jaded veterans of the post rock and jazz mini-circuits together with a few eager, open-eared youths.

‰ÛÏAn instant out-of-time classic... While Walker has absorbed the free-roaming influences of Van Morrison and Tim Buckley, this is clearly someone reaching for their essence, on a mission to follow a philosophy rather than to slavishly recreate a mood.‰۝ - Uncut (9/10 - Album Of The Month)