Silver jews - Tanglewood Numbers

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The Silver Jews sound bigger. not just because Tanglewood Numbersincorporates some Nashvillian arrangements, or because dave berman actually attempts a vocal range, but rather because this latest album is something fuller and more consistant than even the Jews 1998 near-masterpiece American Water. Throwing some 80s synth into the mix and bringing back Stephen Malkmus, Tanglewood Numbers kicks off on a superb note with Punks in the Beerlight and the classic Berman line, "where's the paper bag that holds the liquor/just in case i feel the need to puke" - only to be followed by another: "where does an animal sleep/when the ground is wet'5332'" on Sometimes a Pony gets Depressed. It also seems Berman found his singing partner and married her. Cassie Marrett, who laid her velvet voice over 2002's Bright Flight,now appears as Cassie Berman and delivers a more confident counter to Berman's ultra-droll delivery on Animal Shapes and How Can i Love You (if you Won't lie Down) among others.