Various - Damaged Goods 1988-2018-LP-South

Various - Damaged Goods 1988-2018


Seems like only yesterday but it's 30 years since the first Damaged Goods release! As part of the anniversary celebrations we’re releasing this compilation bringing together a selection of top tracks, deep cuts, lost gems and personal favourites. Punk, garage and indie are all well represented, with artists including Thee Headcoats, Holly Golightly, Johnny Moped, Manic Street Preachers, Cowbell, Pete Molinari, Fabienne Delsol, Thee Dagger Debs and many more!

The past is a foreign country and there’s certainly been many changes in the musical climate since 1988. Formats have come and gone (and returned!). Online, digital and streaming music were all pure science fiction then. But good music is as they say timeless. With this in mind we bring you some of the best music Damaged Goods Records has released since its humble beginnings in Ian Damaged's front room. With 500 releases to date it was difficult to whittle this collection down onto two pieces of vinyl and two shiny compact discs but we’re happy with the result. As a handy best-of or taster for further investigation we hope you’ll enjoy this selection.

Place it on your turntable, crank up the volume and enjoy! TRACKLISTING SIDE 1 1/ Ain't No Rock 'n' Roll Rookie Johnny Moped 2/ Every Bit Of Me Thee Headcoats 3/ Shirts Off Armitage Shanks 4/ Soundtrack to the Daily Grind Graham Day and The Gaolers 5/ You're So Sorry The Budget Girls 6/ When My Mind is Not Live Fabienne Delsol 7/ New Art Riot Manic Street Preachers 8/ Hanging By a Thread Cowbell 9/ Punk Rock Enough For Me CTMF SIDE 2 1/ Walk a Mile Holly Golightly 2/ I Came Out of the Wilderness Pete Molinari 3/ I Don't Like the Man That I Am Wild Billy Childish and The Singing Loins 4/ Davey Crockett Thee Headcoatees 5/ Archive From 1959 The Buff Medways 6/ Love Pours Out of My Heart Miss Ludella Black 7/ Slingshot The Senior Service 8/ The Harbour Master Cee Bee Beaumont 9/ Sing Shed Sing Billy Childish and Sexton Ming SIDE 3 1/ Conquer the World Cyanide Pills 2/ Terminal Boredom The Cute Lepers 3/ Number 10 Giuda 4/ Father and Son Oizone 5/ I Don't Want It Thee Spivs 6/ Are You a Wally? The Spartan Dreggs 7/ Never Gonna Push Me Around Mikabomb 8/ My Favourite Place J Church 9/ Bring Me the Head of Yukio Mishima The Snivelling Shits 10/ It Makes Me Belch Wat Tyler SIDE 4 1/ We Love You Helen Love 2/ Spice Girls (Who Do You Think You Are?) The Period Pains 3/ Endless Song Cuckooland 4/ David Cassidy Betty and The Werewolves 5/ Jack The Ripper The Revillos 6/ Ain't Worth The Time Thee Dagger Debs 7/ All My Friends are Zombies The Priscillas 8/ It's So Hard To Be Happy The Shall I Say Quoit 9/ Just Around the Bend Holly Golightly and The Brokeoffs