Various - Imaginational Anthem vol. 8: The Private Press

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8th volume of the acclaimed acoustic guitar series focuses on impossibly rare private press recordings 1968-1995. the guy who taught Bob Dylan how to fingerpick. A sitar gifted by Jimi Hendrix. Among other obscure tales . . .Since 2005, the series has revived interest in old masters of the genre while also giving many folks their very first taste of artists like William Tyler, Steve Gunn, Chris Forsyth or Daniel Bachman. Volume 8, compiled by hardcore record collectors Michael Klausman (former used LP buyer for NYC's recently shuttered Other Music) and Brooks Rice, features some of the best and most obscure private press guitar records virtually no one has heard. In fact, so-called guitar soli expert, Tompkins Square owner Josh Rosenthal, had never heard of a single artist on the comp (except for Perry Lederman, whose track was Josh's sole contribution to the collection). "Just goes to show what a bottomless pit music discovery from the past continues to be. There's just no end to all the riches from past decades." Amidst the obscure entries are bits of rock-star lore; Joe Bethancourt was supposedly given a sitar by an admiring Jimi Hendrix, and Perry Lederman was reportedly responsible for teaching Bob Dylan how to fingerpick. But the true joy of this collection is derived from discovering incredible acoustic guitar performances completely lost to time. Until now.

1.One Kind Favor (Perry Lederman) 2.Snow Queen (Keithe/Lowrie Duet)åÊ3.Obadiah (Michael Kleniec) 4.Where The Pinery Narrows (Lee Murdock) 5.White Pines (Tom Armstrong) 6.Raga (Joe Bethancourt)åÊ7.The Presence (Kip Dobler) 8.Wen Also Found (Herb Moore) 9.That Spanish Thing (Nancy Tucker) 10.The Diamond Cutter (Jackdaw)åÊ11.Missy Christa (Rick Dietrick) 12.Prayer Blessing (Stan Samole) 13.Blue Wind Boy (Russell Potter)