Wavves/ Cloud Nothings - No Life For Me

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No Life For Me is the highly anticipated collaborativeåÊalbum between Nathan Williams of Wavves and DylanåÊBaldi of Cloud Nothings via Williams‰۪s own imprint,åÊGhost Ramp. The album was recorded at Williams‰۪s homeåÊduring sessions in March and June of 2014, with productionåÊfrom Sweet Valley.

‰ÛÏFor all their differences, a Wavves / Cloud NothingsåÊcollaboration makes a good deal of sense, and fans haveåÊbeen eagerly anticipating an album since it was officiallyåÊannounced back in March‰Û_. [The album] is a summeryåÊslice of punk that‰۪s more SoCal than Ohio, even if BaldiåÊcan‰۪t help but smear his unique brand of melancholy allåÊover standout tracks like ‰Û÷Nervous‰۪ and ‰Û÷Nothing Hurts‰۪‰Û_.

‰ÛÏNo Life For Me is deeply indebted to early 1980såÊSouthern California punk, a scene that‰۪s probably buriedåÊdeep in the soil of Williams‰۪ mind by this point‰Û_. ThisåÊis pop music executed with the no-frills precision ofåÊhardcore‰Û_.‰۝ ‰ÛÓConsequence of Sound