Mazzy Star - Ghost Highway

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Pre-Order. Released 29th July, via Easy Action

All songs Hope Sandoval & David Roback except where noted.Hope Sandoval Vocals, Harmonica, Tambourine, David Roback Guitar, Keith Mitchell  Drums, William Cooper Keyboards Violin , Jason Yates Bass. 1.Flowers In December 2.Ride It On 3.Into Dust 4.Give You My Lovin’ (Sylvia Gomez) 5.Fade Into You 6.Halah 7.Ghost Highway (David Roback) 8.Blue Flower    (Peter Blegvad/ Anthony Moore) 1-8 Recorded The Metro Chicago 12th November 1994 9.Mary of Silence {bonus Studio 105 Maison de la Radio October 1993) 10.Flowers In December 11.Bells Ring 12.Blue Flower (Peter Blegvad/ Anthony Moore) 13.Halah 14.So Tonight, That I Might See Tracks 10-14 Recorded at KROQ  L.os Angeles 10th December 1994