Allah-Las - Calico Review-CD-South

Allah-Las - Calico Review


Calico Review shows a band that‰۪s grown confident enough in its own style to reflect the perspectives of each member, & craft an album that changes up the approach from song-to-song, while retaining their abilities as a cohesive unit.

‰ÛÏStrange Heat,‰۝ reflects a control & character that burns off of the band‰۪s knack for restraint. Songs like ‰ÛÏFamous Phone Figure‰۝ cradle character sketches over delicate strains of violin, organ, & Mellotron, Matthew Correia‰۪s drumming carefully underlining a three-note theme that casts a phantom sadness over the proceedings, the group exerting a touch both light & steady enough to bring your mood to theirs.

‰ÛÏCould Be You‰۝ works off a steady percussive gallop, guitarist Miles Michaud waxing reflexively on second chances while the band focuses on forward motion. ‰ÛÏRoadside Memorial‰۝ applies the Bo Diddley beat to the open road, Pedrum Siadatian stepping up on vocals, & finding new ways to match his talents to propulsive musical ends. Elsewhere, ‰ÛÏHigh & Dry,‰۝ features Correia on lead vocals, focusing on their most quintessential & peerless quality: writing emotionally resonant pop, at once direct & detached, casual & knowing, & instantly memorable. The dream factory itself gets called out in the fun, surf-stung number ‰ÛÏ200 South La Brea,‰۝ its carnival-like atmosphere reflecting the excitement & anxiety of those who await their judgment.

LP - indies-only clear vinyl