Bernard Butler - People Move On: The B-Sides (1998-2021)

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Issued on vinyl for the first time. Pressed on 2 x 180 g white vinyl.

Ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler released his first solo album ‘People Move On’ in 1998, to great critical acclaim and commercial success. This set uniquely collects the non-album B-sides of the singles released from ‘People Move On’, plus the 2021 re-vocalled versions from the ‘People Move On’ project.

LP 1: Hotel Splendide / The Sea / Bye Bye / t’s Alright / My Domain / More Than I Thought

LP 2: Hotel Splendide (2021 Vocals) / The Sea (2021 Vocals) / Bye Bye (2021 Vocals) / Bye Bye (Marrakesh) / t’s Alright (2021 Vocals) / My Domain (2021 Vocals) / More Than I Thought (2021 Vocals)