Bis/Big Zero - Boredom Could Be?

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Split 7" - Limited Edition 500 Pressing - Coloured Vinyl, no download. A split between the old and new kids on the new-wave pop block. "Boredom Could Be Good For You" is brand-new, machines and guitar pop from Glasgow's indie legends bis. A favourite from recent reformation gigs, it encapsulates their famed musical exuberance, wiry riffs, wonky beats and synths, with a wry and reflective sideswipe at the youth of today. It's the bis that the old-school fans know and love, but also showcases their continued ability to craft long-lost indie-disco classics alongside their more Riot Grrrl or electronic inspirations. With gigs lined up and a new album forthcoming, "Boredom Could Be Good For You" is a hook laden reminder that Manda Rin, Sci-Fi Steven and John Disco could be good for you too. On the flip, young upstarts from Reading, Big Zero interrupt the show with "Tear It Up and Start Again", their guitar and synth driven weirdo-pop vinyl debut. Like Devo getting drunk with Weezer, Adam, Johnnie and Jordan take influence from the best of British and American New-Wave and give it a much needed shot of adrenaline. Their B-Movie inspired DIY videos have been gaining a cult following, live shows ecstatically received and with bis support dates on the horizon, fans can witness their new favourite band and their old favourite band together. A full EP will follow on Do Yourself In later in the year. bis - Boredom Could Be Good For You / Big Zero - Tear It Up and Start Again