Boss Hog - Brood X

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Boss Hog returns from the wild with their most subversive record yet - this is the seductive soundtrack for the second coming of militant rock‰۪n‰۪roll, and the groove has never been stronger. Brood X - emerging from the dirty streets of New York City after 17 years gestation - is a futuristic brew of 21st Century blues, toxic punk rock beat music, and hyper-focused, outer-space psycho assaults. Thermo-nuclear chanteuse Cristina Martinez blisters the hypocrites, the haters, the heartless, and the clueless hangers-on with a full-tilt microphone attack. A sex-bomb salvo for troubled times, Martinez give‰۪s voice to America‰۪s pain while pulling no punches. Boss Hog does not negotiate. This is scorched earth rock‰۪n‰۪roll for the resistance, barbed-wire blues battling for the future of the planet. Recorded and mixed at the fabled Key Club, using Sly Stone‰۪s legendary There‰۪s A Riot Going On console, Brood Xchannels the subversive mojo of the underground and brings next-level sonics to save your very soul. Tired of feeling sad? Tired of feeling beat-down? Tired of feeling used, abused, lied to, and shamed? Remember what it was like when rock‰۪n‰۪roll made everything all right?? Boss Hog has heard your call. Brood X is the change you have been waiting for.