Busta Rhymes - The Coming

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Busta Rhymes delivered his debut album, The Coming, three years after the Leaders of the New School unofficially disbanded. Though his talents were evident on those Leaders of the New School releases, Busta went on a series of features that only built up the public‰۪s desire for a solo Busta album. Right out the gate Busta dropped his classic debut single ‰ÛÏWoo Hah!!‰۝ that made it abundantly clear he was to be mentioned among Hip Hop‰۪s greatest solo artists. The energy and originality packed on that one song set a tone for the album that displays Busta‰۪s raw talent and ability to bend words with his ever rambunctious flow. Songs such as ‰ÛÏEverything Remains Raw‰۝, ‰ÛÏAbandon Ship‰۝, and ‰ÛÏStill Shining‰۝ all rise above as The Coming‰۪s stand out tracks but it‰۪s really ‰ÛÏill Vibe‰۝ that is the albums crown jewel moment. Busta sounds right at home over this J Dilla beat trading verses with his Native Tongue cohort Q-Tip. The Coming was a critical and commercial success for Busta Rhymes. It reached #6 on the Billboard 200 chart in 1996 and hasåÊsince received a platinum certification from RIAA