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'Clark' is a vision of techno contextualized for a post-rave environment - the clean, cold edges of technology eroded over time to produce raw, fascinating new textures. Boldly eponymous, the album crescendos a narrative that commenced with 'Clarence Park', the first 'Clark' attributed album 'Body Riddle', through the Yin and Yang of 'Turning Dragon' and 'Iradelphic' and finely honed through this year's 'Superscope' EP and visually intense 'Phosphor' live set up. For fans of Hudson Mohawke, Arca, Rustie, James Holden, Jon Hopkins.

CD in wallet packed in spined outer wallet with die cut to front and two square printed insert cards.
LP - Double LP in printed inners in 5mm spine sleeve with die cut to front and download card.