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Originally released when Star Wars was just hitting the cinemas first time round, this collaboration between Brian Eno and "German synth pastoralists" Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Dieter Moebius (aka Cluster) shares a similarily imperialistic view of the opportunities afforded us by technology; couched throughout by a distinct human touch. With Cluster's signature sound of intricate yet broad analogue treatise, it's no real surprise Eno sought a collaboration and it's also no real surprise that it works a treat; fusing both parties strengths into a formidably singular entity. With more than a hint of Vangelis in the likes of 'Fur Louse' and some bubbling synth jauntiness on 'Die Bunge', Cluster and Eno display the forming of a sound which would come to characterise the electronic fringes for decades to come whilst retaining a tacit link to the past which Eno explains in the sleeve notes as being "a sort of European alternative to the African route that most other pop music had taken". A brave new world...