Disco Inferno - Go Pop

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D. I. Go Pop is the second studio album by English post-rock band Disco Inferno, released on 28 February 1994. After forming as a post-punk band in 1989, the band subsequently worked towards an innovative production approach which made extensive use of digital samplers. The band released several critically acclaimed EPs in this vein from 1992–93, and recorded D. I. Go Pop concurrently with some of those preceding EPs, working with producer Charlie McIntosh. The album cover, designed by Fuel and featuring photography by David Spero, has been described as "one of the most indelible album cover images in the '90s."[3]

The album was released by Rough Trade Records in the United Kingdom and by Bar/None Records in the United States. It did not chart and was mostly overlooked on release, bar some positive reviews. However, it has since gone on to be considered an innovative and influential album and a key release in the history of post-rock. Numerous bands have cited it as an influence. It has been featured in several lists of the greatest albums of the 1990s and of all time.