Eduardo Araújo & Silvinha - Sou Filho Desse Chão

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Pre-Order. Released 16th September, via Psico Br Discos

"Sou Filho Desse Chão" album from 1976 unites a dream team of musicians from OS MUTANTES, BLACK RIO, SOM NOSSO and special guest DOMINGUINHOS, into an amazing fusion of Brazilian regional rhythms of capoeira, forró and candomblé, with the heaviest funk, soul, rock, progressive and psychedelic music ever released in Brazil. 

The original release of "Sou Filho Desse Chão" in 1976 was made totally independent by Eduardo Araújo himself, with total lack of commercial distribution, remaining obscure from music charts and later rediscovered acquiring a well-deserved status of a rare gem for music collectors