Emma Tricca - Relic

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Raised into a unique pop-cultural landscape surrounded by Giallo Comic books, whistling Morricone film scores, vibrant religious imagery and expensive furniture design, Italian singer Emma Tricca's childhood playground formed a very different backdrop to that of the many whispery femme-folk revivalists that have popped up and pooped-out over the last hum-strummed decade. Emma Tricca didn't fall into a comfy kaftan via her parents bottle-fed record collection during her pre-paid college off-years nor was she torn out of a style mag via a few guitar lessons to decorate the post-club chill-out festivals...Emma Tricca is the real-deal, unaffected by whimsical press-penchants and influenced by long European road-trips, heavy guitar cases and tough-love relationships. In danger of spitting paganistic fluff, Emma is simply an ergonomic reaction to her environments and their stories.... Folk music personified... and while splitting her time between Rome and London she awkwardly melts a resilient stiff upper-lip into the hot-blooded passion which has fuelled her finger-picked momentum through all of her adult life. As folk slips form the colour supplements and becomes a 'four letter word' once again, Emma Tricca basques in its exorcism and stands hand in hand with her peers, counting the likes of John Renbourne, Bonnie Dobson and Judy Collins as friends and stage mates, while eerily drawing comparisons with the lost music of English-Italian 70's acidic folk mystery Mark Fry. Emma Tricca's new Album is called 'Relic'.åÊåÊ

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