Eugene McGuinness - Chroma-Vinyl LP-South

Eugene McGuinness - Chroma

After the polish and pop of last album ‘The Invitation To The Voyage’, ‘Chroma’ treads a simpler, more spontaneous path (“I wanted to do a direct, stripped-back guitar album,” explains McGuinness), perfectly showcasing his timeless song writing talent.

Have we, in these 11 songs and this brisk album, found the ‘real’ Eugene McGuinness? Only for now. “If you’re a singer songwriter, all you do is live with yourself and your whole job is based around you as the individual and what you do,” he says. “So in order for me to maintain interest in myself, you have to shake it up,” he says. “I’m just a receptor to all those sorts of influences. It’s not me being flimsy - I go where my passions are.”

“If the last record was about travelling, seeing the world and constantly moving” he says, “this one is almost the opposite, because it’s about disappearing. Talking about Oasis, The Las, The Kinks, there’s a certain spirit of music where they’re saying, There’s f*ck all to do, so let’s dance. This album isn’t about me as an individual. It’s not an intellectual record or over-produced album. It’s just the most honest thing I could have done right now, and I just want it to make anybody who’s into it to feel f*cking good about themselves.”

The eleven-track album was recorded and produced by Dan Carey at his South London studio and features arguably one of the best rhythm sections in the UK - Tom and Leo from The Invisible.