Eugene McGuinness - Chroma

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After the polish and pop of last album ‰Û÷The Invitation To The Voyage‰۪, ‰Û÷Chroma‰۪ treads a simpler, more spontaneous path (‰ÛÏI wanted to do a direct, stripped-back guitar album,‰۝ explains McGuinness), perfectly showcasing his timeless song writing talent.

Have we, in these 11 songs and this brisk album, found the ‰Û÷real‰۪ Eugene McGuinness? Only for now. ‰ÛÏIf you‰۪re a singer songwriter, all you do is live with yourself and your whole job is based around you as the individual and what you do,‰۝ he says. ‰ÛÏSo in order for me to maintain interest in myself, you have to shake it up,‰۝ he says. ‰ÛÏI‰۪m just a receptor to all those sorts of influences. It‰۪s not me being flimsy - I go where my passions are.‰۝

‰ÛÏIf the last record was about travelling, seeing the world and constantly moving‰۝ he says, ‰ÛÏthis one is almost the opposite, because it‰۪s about disappearing. Talking about Oasis, The Las, The Kinks, there‰۪s a certain spirit of music where they‰۪re saying, There‰۪s f*ck all to do, so let‰۪s dance. This album isn‰۪t about me as an individual. It‰۪s not an intellectual record or over-produced album. It‰۪s just the most honest thing I could have done right now, and I just want it to make anybody who‰۪s into it to feel f*cking good about themselves.‰۝

The eleven-track album was recorded and produced by Dan Carey at his South London studio and features arguably one of the best rhythm sections in the UK - Tom and Leo from The Invisible.åÊ