Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention - We're Only In It For The Money

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The Mothers of Invention answer the sentiments of the suits, the suburb dwellers, and flower children of the 60's with a big fat raspberry. considered by many to be the Mothers' (and some would say Zappa's) best album, We're Only in it for the Money deals with harsh subject matter in a seemingly glib and light-hearted fashion (eventually a Zappa trademark), sparing no targets with catchy melodies and high-pitched vocals. Zappa applies the same aggressive studio techniques he did on Lumpy Gravy, creating a jarring collage of sound that still sounds avant-garde today. Highlights from this flawless album are numerous and include the hippie bashing Who Needs the Peace Corps, the bedroom science of Let's Make the Water Turn Black, the anthemic Mother People, and the perfect payoff of What's the Ugliest Part of your Body?. Quite simply one of the best rock albums of all time.

LP - 180 Gram Vinyl with Download.