Hartley C. White And Friends - Something Better

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15 new selections from Queens NY // Kingston Jamaica Who-pa-zoo-tic musician Hartley C. White , accompanied by collaborators old and new . we began each overdub session with Hartley's main vocal , building the arrangement out from there based on his extensive notes . see Hartley's "This Is Not What You Expect" retrospective compilation (also available from OSR) and the Hartley C. White resource page for more information on the original Who-pa-zoo-tic style ["a non-classical music utilising a broken rhythm ; 'Who' : indicating a lack of restrictions & ability to change while still remaining unknown , 'Zoo' : indicating life in its various forms & conditions"] he's been working in since the '80s . for brevity's sake I won't go into the various accomplishments of each member of the incredible crew , but I've added links to their names below . goes without saying that this tough little record is a fitting end to the OSR label