Hartley C. White - This Is Not What You Expect

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Hartley C. White grew up in Central Kingston , Jamaica . for the past 30 years he's been living and writing music in Corona , Queens . a student of martial arts since 1966 , Hartley is the progenitor of a style he calls Who-pa-zoo-tic Music , "a non-classical music" based on the "broken rhythm" of Bruce Lee's jeet kune do . Hartley : "'Who' indicates its lack of restrictions, ability to change, while still being an unknown. 'Zoo' indicates it deals with life in its various forms and conditions." This Is Not What You Expect is a vinyl compilation of material from Hartley's first four albums, recorded 1984-2009 . Hartley notates his arrangements for a variety of instruments ; selections on this compilation include live-in-the-studio cuts but these are predominantly overdub recordings collaboratively worked by Hartley & engineers Jeff Lin , George Dugan & Josh Silver [Type O Negative] . guest musicians include Larry McDonald [Bob Marley , Lee "Scratch" Perry , Gil Scott-Heron , Taj Mahal , Count Ossie etc.] , saxophonist Tom Smith , vocalist Angie Rodriguez-Finn , and guitarist Vinny Giannettino . Hartley's music is holistic , addressed to you and me -- under consideration is the entire contemporary & past landscape of time and being , from the shape of a joke to the cry of the disenfranchised to the observation of flowing water . this compilation speaks to White's undying commitment to the intuitive and instructive power of music & to the creative partnerships he forged with a series of engineers & collaborators who've helped him realize entirely new ways of music with finesse