Head Wound City - A New Wave Of Violence

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Head Wound City - which consists of members of The Locust, The Blood Brothers and Yeah Yeah Yeahs - release their new album. 'A New Wave of Violence' marks the band's debut LP in partnership with Vice Records (OFF!, Action Bronson, Black Lips). Written over a week's time in January 2015 and produced by Ross Robinson (Sepultura, Slipknot, At the Drive In). 'A New Wave of Violence' is not a hopeful album, exactly, and Head Wound City is not a hopeful band. Losing - as the tradition of rock music / life in general demands - is a given. But the band and their work are a full - blooded rejection of prayer, giving up, and any other version of dying on one's knees. They're at least committed to giving the world some trouble before they go.