Heath Common - Encounters With Light

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‰ÛÏHeath Common is utterly inspired and he comes to us as refreshingly original as once were Ivor Cutler, Syd Barrett, Lol Coxhill and their luminous ilk‰۝ R2 Magazine

Heath Common has broken out from solitary and he now has a band! Following his acclaimed first album 'The Dream Of Miss Dee', Heath Common now returns with a brand new album 'Encounters With Light' and - alongside him - now stand an outstanding group of musicians (Tina Featherstone : saxes, Steve J Jones : drums, Steve Karavasili : keyboards and Neil Morgan guitars). The album 'Encounters With Light' features, amongst other things, Common's reflections on the death of Jimi Hendrix, the legacy of John Lennon and even the exploits of notorious jail-breaker Ray 'The Cat' Jones! It's a mad, mad world for the Common man!

Long championed for his Beat poetry and, conversely, for his creation of a unique musical sound - recently described by the celebrated author, journalist and DJ Mick Middles as being "unlike any other in today's music business - absolutely fantastic", Common is a difficult act to nail. Some clues do lie however in his tales of a whole other bunch of heroes, all of whom have significantly impacted on Heath Common's life and all of whom have blessed this lucky lad with what he terms 'Encounters With Light'.

‰ÛÏHeath Common doesn't sound like anyone else in music. Heath Common sounds like Heath Common and that's it. Fantastic!‰۝ Mick Middles (Author, Journalist and DJ)