Hockeysmith - But Blood

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Hockeysmith are Annie & Georgie Hockeysmith, two sisters who spent most of the last year living and making music in a caravan on a farm in Falmouth, Cornwall. In need of more room to live and record the sisters recently traded the caravan for an old tour bus and now they count members of Hawkwind as neighbours on the farm. The past few months have seen them making a name and piquing interest for their exploratory sonic palette, hauntingly idiosyncratic songs and pulsating, strobing live shows, which has led to features and profiles by outlets ranging from The Fader and Interview Magazine to Dazed And Confused, SPIN and The Guardian.Their sound utilizes echoes of shoegaze, post-punk, acid house and dream pop that coalesce into an alien, yet somehow distantly familiar, hypnotically wayward sound. The EP consists of four distinct and individually unique tracks, merging interweaving singsong melodies and unorthodox song structures with adventurous sonics and a sense of wide-eyed experimentation and discovery.