John Foxx - B-Movie (Ballardian Video Neuronica)

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John Foxx's new solo instrumental album was recorded and assembled for a cut-up/collage movie byåÊFoxxåÊand visual artist Karborn,åÊinspired by the themes, influence and text of British writeråÊJ G Ballard. Screened as part of Brighton'såÊCine-CityåÊfestival in late 2012, the pair presentedåÊ'a film and sound seance manifesting J G Ballard neurones. Mobilised by ultracolour and inframusic, anatomised hallucinogenetics and proximity psychopathagens.‰۪åÊåÊThe album features two collaborations -åÊ'Geometry, Collision And Coincidence'åÊwithåÊBengeåÊfrom John Foxx And The Maths, andåÊ'Disaster Series',åÊwhichåÊwas co-written withåÊSteve D'Agostino. All the music is exclusive to this soundtrack exceptåÊ'The Other Side', an extract from the forthcomingåÊElectricity & GhostsåÊalbum (due for release in 2015),åÊwhich just happened to fit with the visuals.