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Before starting work on the self-produced album, Owens, a 28-year old Londoner, turned her keen ear towards dance music after working with techno producer Daniel Avery in a London record store. Her voice and contributions can be heard on Avery‰۪s Drone Logic. Since then, she self-released two white label 12‰۝s, with the ‰ÛÏOleic‰۝ EP to follow.

Her debut solo album is first and foremost Owens‰۪ vision, a record that exudes a startling level of intimacy even in its largest-sounding moments - such as ‰ÛÏArthur,‰۝ a percolating mixture of looped vocals and rustling rhythms that rides on a perpetual near-crescendo. The song is a tribute to the late iconoclastic musician and kindred spirit Arthur Russell. ‰ÛÏHe wrote music and stayed true to his vision up until the day he died, ‰۝ Owens explains. ‰ÛÏHe didn‰۪t compromise as an artist, and those are the kind of people I look up to - people who know what they want.‰۝ On S/T Owens translates that self-assertiveness into a record that explores a variety of moods - sadness, anxiety, darkly shaded ecstasy - with a trippy-eyed clarity and confidence that only bodes well for the future.

In addition to Avery, who has a co-write credit on Kelly Lee Owens‰۪ ghostly ‰ÛÏKeep Walking,‰۝ Jenny Hval also appears on the album‰۪s lead single, ‰ÛÏAnxi.‰۝ It‰۪s a track that shifts from drifting tones and distant vocals to warm squelches and tunnel-vision club beats. ‰ÛÏIt has been my most freeing and open collaboration so far, and my first time working with a female,‰۝ Owens says of working with Hval. "It was a very powerful experience for me, I felt she brought something strange and quite beautiful.‰۝