King Tuff - Black Moon Spell

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King Tuff‰۪s new record is called ‰Û÷Black Moon Spell‰۪. It was produced and recorded by Bobby Harlow at Studio B in Los Angeles, California, in the hot winter of 2014.

There were many strange occurrences during the recording session - Dracula landlords, flashes of mysterious light, haunted microphones, songs that mixed themselves, demonic vortexes swirling in coffee cups, etc. Under the ‰Û÷Black Moon Spell‰۪ you may experience euphoria, demented visions, wet dreams, bouts of backwards laughter, and dazed confusion resulting in primordial dancing.

Los Angeles, full of its screaming coyotes and creeping helicopters, surely slathered its sexy, twisted, hairy, polluted spirit all over ‰Û÷Black Moon Spell‰۪.

Listen to ‰Û÷Black Moon Spell‰۪ and give your ears what they‰۪ve been begging for all year; a heavily weird, heavenly dark, hysterically magical rock & roll sexperience.