Kodaline - Coming Up For Air

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Kodaline release their new album 'Coming Up For Air'. Drawing inspiration from producers Jacknife Lee (Snow Patrol, R.E.M), Jim Eliot (Ellie Goulding) and 'A Perfect World' producer Steve Harris, Kodaline saw fully-fledged songs flow out of them much quicker than they ever anticipated. "If you'd told us at the start of the summer that we'd be finished our album by autumn we wouldn't have believed you," says singer Steve Garrigan. "It happened so quickly. A lot of the songs were done live in the studio, on the spot." As on Kodaline's debut 'In A Perfect World', Steve wrote the bulk of the lyrics for the album with guitarist Mark, bassist Jason and drummer Vinny pitching in on all the music. In first single 'Honest' they have a gamechanger. Featuring a stadium sized chorus of which Coldplay would be proud, the single highlights the ambition on 'Coming Up For Air'.
CD - 12 Tracks.