Laraaji - Celestial Vibration

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This is the stunning debut album from Laraaji. ‰Û÷Celestial Vibrations‰۪ was originally released in 1978 under the name Edward Larry Gordon, and then first issued by Soul Jazz Records/Universal Sound in 2010.

Soul Jazz Records are now issuing this hypnotic piece newly re-mastered album once again in a very limited vinyl edition of 1000 and new CD as a full Laraaji release.

‰Û÷Celestial Vibrations‰۪ is a cosmic ambientåÊjourney sounding unlike anything else when it was first released in 1978 - and sounding utterly unique today.

Laraaji‰۪s album was first issued in New York as a private-pressing record with only very minimal distribution. His distinctive use of the harp-like open-stringed zither and kalimba creates a hypnotic trance like musical landscape.

Laraaji first came to fame in the 1980s as a worldwide ambient artist working with Brian Eno on EG Records. At this time Laraaji worked with a wide range of experimental musicians - Jon Hassell, Harold Budd, Michael Brook, Bill Nelson, Roger Eno, Nana Vasconcelos and Bill Laswell.

Since Soul Jazz Records/Universal Sound first released ‰Û÷Celestial Vibrations‰۪ seven years ago (now long deleted), Laraaji‰۪s career has had a renaissance, releasing a string of new albums including a fascinating collaboration with Blues Control for the FRKYWS label, as well as reissues of earlier albums including a three-album cassette only release last year.

Today Gordon continues his unique musical and spiritual path - performing his music mainly for meditation at yoga global retreats. He runs his own ‰Û÷Therapeutic Laughter Workshop‰۪ where he coaches people in the mindful use of laughing for its health benefits.

The album is issued as a limited-edition deluxe vinyl and CD edition. (previously released as Edward Larry Gordon ‰Û÷Celestial Vibration‰۪