Les Baxter - Jungle Jazz

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"Groundbreaking 1959 album by the widely and enthusiastically acclaimed 'godfather' of the exotica movement (a variation of easy listening that conjures up visions of ancient gods, coral reefs, jungle flowers and enchanting seas, bringing it all to living rooms around the world using a unique blending of chorus and orchestra), Les Baxter's Jungle Jazz captured the teeming, steaming excitement of South America's jungles in twelve original compositions. His vivid orchestrations present the wild, exotic sounds of the primitive forest in striking contrast to breathtaking jazz interpretations that feature the great Plas Johnson alternating on tenor sax and alto flute, and throughout these varied moods and tempos is heard the constant fire of Latin rhythm, resulting in an exciting blend. A rare and highly sought-after milestone for the whole 'lounge' subculture."