Life Stinks - You'll Never Make It

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Present-day San Francisco is a beautiful city but also a hyper-active, tech-grinding rat race. The money chase is onåÊ24/7, the rats hustling for tiny morsels of cheese, prayingåÊfor the day when a big hunk o‰۪ cheddar falls from the sky. IfåÊyou‰۪ve lived in the city for a good while and are some creativeåÊtype or working Joe or Jane, you can be overwhelmedåÊby it all. Life Stinks‰۪s second album You‰۪ll Never Make ItåÊis a perfect portrait of that mind-frame. åÊFeelings of anger, self-doubt and vindictiveness weaveåÊthough a sonic template that shifts from a Flipper / FangåÊarms-a-swingin‰۪ groove (as on the title track) to standoutåÊVelvet poppers (‰ÛÏAnchor‰۝), Stooge-oid stomping (‰ÛÏSlidingåÊDown a Wire‰۝), and outright demented thuds (‰ÛÏI‰۪måÊa Weed‰۝). And then just when you are ready to take out a
few windows, Life Stinks slyly slides in a gentle numberåÊwhich reminds you that the band paints from a completeåÊemotional palette.

You‰۪ll Never Make It is a great followup to their 2013 debut,åÊwhich was called ‰ÛÏalbum of the year‰۝ by some yuks atåÊMaximum Rocknroll and earned high praise at Raven SingsåÊthe Blues, It‰۪s Psychedelic Baby, Terminal Boredom andåÊother places. Also like the first album, You‰۪ll Never MakeåÊIt is produced by Kelley Stoltz and Mikey Young (TotalåÊControl).