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His second self-titled album grew out of a period of great change for Pollie both personally and professionally. The L.A. musician ended one relationship and started another. He released a debut album in 2014 to critical claim and watched as the single She Came Through (Again) became a surprise hit - the kind of bittersweet pop song destined to anchor a multitude of lovelorn mixtapes. He signed to Anti-Records and worked on Los Angeles Police Department with Jonathan Rado (Foxygen, Whitney, Lemon Twigs) producing and Rob Schnapf (Beck, Elliott Smith, Foo Fighters) mixing. Los Angeles Police Department reveals an artist turning the personal into the universal and giving a bit of himself away in the process. ‰ÛÏI‰۪m a student of the album, so it was important to make this more than just a collection of the best songs I had written. It had to be a journey for me and for the listener.‰۝ The journey does not end with the album, but will continue throughout his next album and his next and his next. ‰ÛÏMy music is an extension of myself and it‰۪s definitely something that I‰۪m going to grow with.‰۝