Manic Street Preachers - Holy Bible

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First time as stand alone black vinyl LP - Limited to 1500 Copies. On its release in 1994, in many eyes, 'The Holy Bible' elevated Manic Street Preachers from being a fascinating, yet flawed rock band with more mission statements than melodies, to an immense intellectual colossus with razor sharp, post-punk tunes that stood out from their contemporaries. In a year that saw Britpop dominate the radio and press, 'The Holy Bible' tackled subjects such as the Holocaust, the Brady Bill, anorexia, political correctness and other non-chart friendly topics.åÊ From the Jenny Saville artwork on the sleeve to the opening single 'Faster' with singer James Dean Bradfield appearing on Top of the Pops in a balaclava prompting thousands of complaints, this was clearly an album not to be dismissed as just the Manics third album - it was their masterpiece.