Matthewdavid - On Mushrooms

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Leaving Records founderperson Matthewdavid presents the On Mushrooms EP, a primer for the Mycelium Music album to be released Q2 2023. Both works are expressed from the same ecosystem, cut from the same cloth.

The following is a listening experience testimonial written by Matt Baldwin - esteemed Californian guitarist, writer, and psychotherapist trained in psychedelic psychotherapy.

— — —

“When you go out for mushrooms in the hills of California there is an experience in which you wander for hours, scanning low until your eyes are fatigued and then suddenly there is a break in the chaparral and a cluster of immaculate King Boletes appears before you, posed with an almost hieratic intensity. If you pay close attention to that moment of perception, it is almost always accompanied by a telepathic whispering voice that says:

Oh hello, we’ve been waiting for you.

Dropping into the ketamine space (200 mg oral lozenge) while listening to Matthewdavid’s new music, I had a distinctly similar impression; specifically, that this music knew about me before I knew about it and that it had been waiting for very a long time to meet me - perhaps on a timescale in which a human lifetime would pass in a split second. This music had been waiting and dreaming of the opportunity to finally express its wholeness through the medium of another’s consciousness. Music is a kind of ordinary day-to-day telepathy that uses pressure waves in the air as the path to convey meaning into another person’s interior. As the waves of color-sound rippled thru me I was overwhelmed with a very clear message about deep interconnection that formulated itself in exactly these words:

We spend most of our time pretending that we are not the same person.

The overlapping circles of our communities lie before us as a radiant living mandala.

All we ask is that you acknowledge what you have felt here and promise never to forget.

  • for Love
  • *all music + engineering by MatthewDavid except track 1 is a collaboration with Sam Wilkes, and track 5 is a collaboration with Brin.
  • *artwork + design Sam Klickner
  • *tracks 1 & 2 performed and recorded for Listen to Music Outside in the Daylight Under a Tree, at La Tierra de la Culebra, in Highland Park, Los Angeles
  • *tracks 3-6 recorded at home in Los Angeles