Michael Head & The Strands - The Magical World Of The Strands

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Michael Head was once famously dubbed 'the best songwriter you've never heard of'. Well, he seems content to embody both parts of that statement. Continuing to produce wonderful material - seriously, check out his second record as Michael Head and the Red Elastic Band - the songwriter forever manages to escape the success which enraptures lesser talent. Initially released in 1997, 'The Magical World Of The Strands' is perhaps the songwriter's most enduring statement. Crafted by Michael Head and The Strands, it remains a glorious, baroque pop masterpiece, an ambitious statement which captures that hazy feeling of a deeply English summer.
CD - CD version includes 2 bonus tracks: 'Green Velvet Jacket' and 'Queen Matilda' (demo), the B-Sides to the 1998 NME and Melody Maker Single of The Week. It comes with a 20 page booklet with new liner notes by Michael Head.
LP - LP version comes in Gatefold, 180 Gram vinyl with 20 page booklet.