Milk Boys - Two

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Four years on and Milk Boys release their second album, simply titled ‘Two’. As individuals both Leighton Jennings and Micky Denny have been busy - Leighton with the bands Dark Globes (with Brendon O’Hare of Teenage fan Club), Ghost Music and Pete Astor and Micky with his folk music obsession, a dalliance with Velvet Morning and a banjo cameo with Melodie Group. The same Milk Boys’ dynamics are at play here, Micky’s traditional song structure and melody and Leighton’s measured discordance. A battle between the ‘hook’ and the ‘noise’. Having said that, this album does feel like more of a collaboration, with songs penned by both. Milk Boys continues to be a low-fi endeavour, yet Leighton has clearly developed his recording skills in his makeshift garage studio in Southend-on-Sea. Even the limited run vinyl sleeve serves the do-it-yourself agenda, created from recycling old record covers turned inside out. Every artwork is unique, displaying a different shade of aged card (complete with printing errors). The donor album is also included, creating double album partnerships with such scratchy Oxfam luminaries as Phil Collins, Jive Bunny, Roland Rat etc.
From the soulful ‘Lost in Vice and Please’ to the driving garage beat of ‘Six Glass Eyes’ the album covers a lot of ground but still manages to stand together as one piece of work. The result is a rewarding conflict between lyrical craft and skilful, but subversive, guitars and effects. Who wins out? ... It’s a near run thing.
Milk Boys will include Lucky Strikes drummer Will Bray for the joint album launch with local alternative electro duo Warm Boys on Sept. 20. Be aware, this will not be a traditional album launch format.