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Mozart‰۪s Sister - the solo project of Montreal‰۪s Caila Thompson-Hannant she started back in early 2011 - delights in making glittering, celebratory pop with an underlying strain of brittle, claustrophobic energy. By marrying the accessible with the decidedly off-kilter, she displays a similar vigor and charisma to female contemporaries Grimes and tUnE-yArDs, both of whom too learned their trade among the same fertile hometown scene as her.

Since attracting a ton of buzz for her entrancing live shows and for first EP ‰Û÷Hello‰۪, Mozart‰۪s Sister has been head-down in her bedroom writing her debut album. For anyone who‰۪s been following her work - and for new listeners - ‰Û÷Being‰۪ is Mozart‰۪s Sister expressing macrocosmic ideas about life with panache and abundant hooks.

Inspired by ‰Û÷Discovery‰۪-era Daft Punk, ‰Û÷Post‰۪-era Bjork, and Betty Davis, Caila produced, recorded and wrote the album using a cheap soundcard and Ableton software, approaching it with a do-it-all-by-myself ideology.

Being is fundamentally a pop record. If you‰۪re looking to catalogue her music more than that, you‰۪re going to have a hard time; Caila describes Being as an intentionally fractured album. ‰ÛÏIt was far reaching. Things didn‰۪t always connect, but that was part of the whole idea,‰۝ she says. Which is representative of the best music, and maybe the best of life: looking for order in chaos, not always finding it, and living with whatever happens next.åÊ