Mudhoney - Under A Billion Suns-Vinyl LP-South

Mudhoney - Under A Billion Suns

LP with Download. Long out of print vinyl reissue of this 2006 album. Album number nine could be Mudhoney's most electrifying record since 'Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge', contrasting a band with a burgeoning social conscience, but one that shows no signs of growing old. Barreling along with the sodden riffs of guitarist Steve Turner and a rhythm section that overflows in chaos (see the instrumental 'A Brief Celebration of Indifference'), vocalist Mark Arm is aping maturity, spitting a soured societal fury over D.C. demigods ('Hard-on For War'), plodding expectations ('Where is the Future') and repeat hangovers ('Let's Drop In,' complete with female harmonies and Memphis-style horns).