Neil Michael Hagarty & The Howling Hex - Denver

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Neil Michael Hagerty leads The Howling Hex back out into the sunshine for the first time since 'The Best Of The Howling Hex' back in 2013. Since then they have refocused on the immediate pleasures found within the writing and playing of a single song. This direction, explored in a pair of limited- edition singles released over the past two years, reaches a populist zenith on the new album, 'Denver', in which an entire community and geographic region are tapped for their energy, the celebratory pulses of which feed the new music of Neil Michael Hagerty and The Howling Hex. To achieve this effect in the ultimately democratic conception of The Howling Hex's New Border Sound, Neil cranked up his guitar-playing to dominant levels that recall his playing in Pussy Galore and Royal Trux. Coupled with the beats and, at times, requiring different inflections from the beat, Neil's howling guitar sounds elevate the music of 'Denver' to an ecstatic communal expression, the likes of which will no doubt massage pleasure centres in the make-up of modern popular music listeners. Tape - Tape - The cassette version of 'Denver' is an alternate version of the album and is titled 'Denver: Approved For Indica Mix'.

LP - Limited LP in full colour hand painted jacket.