Peaking Lights - Cosmic Logic

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When last we heard from Aaron Coyes and Indra Dunis, who comprise Peaking Lights, it was early 2012 and they had just released their third full-length album, ‰Û÷Lucifer‰۪. That album led off with ‰Û÷Beautiful Son‰۪, a piano-laced paean to their newborn son. Just two short years on and Peaking Lights‰۪ highly- anticipated fourth album, entitled ‰Û÷Cosmic Logic‰۪, is released on Weird World.

Shimmering and resplendent, teeming with dance grooves that draw on influences as diverse as Jamaican digital dancehall, Cosmic Italo, Chicago house and acid house, Afrobeat and Zamrock, early West Coast hip hop and disco boogie crossover, ‰Û÷Cosmic Logic‰۪ is the progression in the band‰۪s ever- growing sound, the lo-fi fuzz of their earliest albums now replaced by a bright, joyous pulse.

Special vinyl format available exclusively to independent retailers housed in a gatefold sleeve and featuring a bonus 12‰۝ with two exclusive remixes by Peaking Lights: ‰Û÷BreakDUB‰۪ and ‰Û÷Bad With The Good Euromix‰۪.