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Ahui Ngoran Marcel Aka Pierre Antoine was born in 1951 in Aboisso, a city situated at 117 km from Abidjan, in  the south east part of Ivory Coast close from the ghanaian border . The activities of his family led him to Daloa in 1957 and Abidjan in 1965.

Right from his grade school , he devoted to his passion for the arts and at the age of 17, he was inscribe as calligrapher apprentice in Renault ( french car company) in Abidjan. Since then he really felt in love with the pop music and decided to become a singer. He started with the young trendy new scene of Abidjan like «  The Djinahouroux », « New Système Pop » and founded with few other friends the famous « Les Fétiches »

During this period , he drew his inspiration from international pop music and especially french artists . His idols were James brown and the  famous french singer Johnny Hallyday.They  inspired him for the stage performance, the style , and the voice skills. Sometimes he covered in « Agni »( language from the south east part of the country) different  hits from the international charts . In 1977 for example we could hear on the Ivorian national radio , his single «  Man’s world « originally interpreted by James Brown.

His name Pierre Antoine is a direct tribute to the french artist « Antoine ». he loved to wear long hair , cool style jacket.

His solo career started in 1972, in the hot « maquis » (local bar and club) of the famous area of Abidjan called « Adjame » . He played with Sanwi Star International, Les Fetiches, Vis à Vis. He could travel and perform in all the west african countries such as Ghana, Burkina , Benin and Mali.

In 1977 , he settled down in Ghana where he could met the most influencal and prolific Afro Soul scene and started to work with Pat Thomas , his wife Lolla Everett, and the famous guitar player Sammy Cropper. During this period we can hear the musical change of the artist , he was really close to the afro-beat arrangement and the panafrican scene. Sadly few journalists in Ivory Coast judged his music as too close from Fela Anikulapo Kuti . After that and all along the 80’s he decided to come back with more traditonal ivorian melodies .

Mainly interpreter, his passion was to organize music session and worked hard on his own songs . He also create his own label music label production : Ahui records.

His first hit was «  Say Min Sy Soh « a  really rare and costly 7 inch , Allaka Noun, Kalabuley Woman..Faux Pdg, on the famous Papa Disco label based in Abidjan.

During the 80’s Pierre Antoine kept creating and producing by himself and realized few independent productions. He died suddenly at the age of 42,  August 29 , 1993.

Dedicated to his brother Stephen Ahui