Pit Ponies - Magnificent Second Occupation

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Purveyors of 'Upminster Soul' they single handedly put paid to the myth that there are no working class bands left in the UK. Creating their world in the upper floors of a neighbour-less Upminster charity shop with no one else around to complain about the noise, they have been a close part of the Trashmouth family from the start and a regular feature at The Fat White Family's legendary 'Slide In' nights. Fronted by the larger than life Euan Hartley, who stands 6 foot 6 inches tall and has a turn of phrase and delivery to match his stature, they have a directness, honesty and simplicity that seems absent from so much of today's music...In their own words "The name Pit Ponies comes from the tradition of taking ponies down coal mines and using them as working animals. A bit like us really, all hard working English folk! We got the idea from a work mate of Albert's - a former coal miner and trade union leader from the Newcastle collieries called John Fire, absolute legend of a man."
LP - With CD Version.