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Quietly catchy & surprisingly confrontational. Soccer Mommy is the project of Sophie Allison, a nineteen-year-old Nashville native & musical wunderkind. Collection compiles the best of Sophie‰۪s DIY Bandcamp work as well as a few new songs. Sophie sings of toxic relationships & infatuations. Or, as Sophie describes her subject matter, ‰ÛÏcrush stuff with a hint of bad to it.‰۝ The songs can be sweet, they can be happily melancholic or melancholically happy, but they always cut deep. They belong on playlists & mixes, to be shared among friends & belted out during road trips. ‰Û÷Allison,‰۪ a gorgeous meditation on the bittersweet feeling of hurting someone you love while pursuing your own dreams, showcases Sophie‰۪s talent for home recording, with multi-tracked vocals layered to perfection. On ‰Û÷Out Worn,‰۪ a searing takedown of the desire for male validation, is relatable & anthemic, striking the perfect balance between anger & sugary pop bliss. As long as records like Collection exist, there will be no shortage of young artists bashing their hearts out on guitars for years to come. ‰ÛÏYou can‰۪t say indie rock is dead,‰۝ says Sophie. ‰ÛÏIt‰۪s just being taken over by women.‰۝

RIYL: Julien Baker, Liz Phair, Frankie Cosmos, Julia Jacklin, Snail Mail, Mitski, Japanese Breakfast, Jay Som, Eskimeaux, Alex G, Hovvdy, Allison Crutchfield, Angel Olsen

LP - limited edition gold vinyl + download