Steve Arrington - Way Out ('80-'84)

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Steve Arrington, 80s hit maker and former front man of funk legends Slave, is back after a 20+ year hiatus from the music business. His collaborations with Snoop Dogg and Dam Funk from 2013, and brand new self-produced material throughout 2014, show that Steve's still got the funk in super human quantities (as they say in Dayton OH, home town of Arrington, Slave, Zapp, The Ohio Players etc etc etc - "there must be something in the water").

This fall sees the release of "Way Out (80-84)" a retrospective encompassing all of Arrington‰۪s classics‰ÛÓhis first solo single, the Slave backed ‰ÛÏSummetime Lovin‰۪‰۝ / ‰۝Special Effects from Mars,‰۝ much sampled hits like ‰ÛÏWay Out" and ‰ÛÏWeak at the Knees‰۝ from his early solo albums (just check the credits on tracks by A Tribe Called Quest, Jay-Z, Mariah Carey, Pitbull, etc), unreleased songs deemed too progressive by Atlantic Records at the time and five previously unfinished tracks featuring the classic Hall of Fame line up with brand new vocals and finishing touches from his current band.åÊ

‰ÛÏArrington‰۪s lost none of his range or power over the years, he sounds instantly recognizable as the same man who laid a rubbery, often unearthly voice over tracks three decades ago‰۝- 7.3/10 PitchforkåÊ
‰ÛÏOKP has the true blue honor of premiering ‰ÛÏWithout Your Love,‰۝ the very first offering from his retrospective LP Way Out : 80-84, and it‰۪s as vibe-heavy as we had anticipated. Arrington‰۪s composition is soaked in Dayton sun, playful rhodes licks, the pop and warmth of Slave‰۪såÊvintage low-end, taking this one 30 years out of the past with one swinging strut.‰۝ Okay Player

CD FORMAT - Disc 1 is a bonus disc, a collection of hits from Steve's career. Not available on LP