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Suburban Lawns were the embodiment of everything that new wave was supposed to be: subversive, artistic, humorous and aligned to the timeless sensibilities of pop. Their self titled LP from 1980 is something of a lost masterpiece with it's tales of computer dating, religion vs. superficiality and alien spotting excursions, a cocktail of unique subject matter filtered through equally unique musical characteristics. Featuring the off kilter classic 'Janitor' - where the enigmatic anti pin-up Su Tissue relay's those famous words "i'm a janitor, oh my genitals" - the album is guaranteed to either reignite memories of those joyous late night viewings of New Wave Theatre, or leave newcomers to the band astounded that it took this long to catch up. This much deserved re-release is delivered in fine redux fashion, on both 180 Gram vinyl LP in exciting limited edition colours with free download, as well as a never before released CD version. Both include new artwork and photos, huge foldout poster, all the tracks present on the original Self titled LP plus five bonus tracks as featured on their fabulous 'Baby' EP.

LP - Coloured Vinyl.