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Suicidal Tendencies's debut has been regarded by critics as one of the most influential punk rock albums of all time and has inspired an untold number of influential musicians.

In 1982 Suicidal Tendencies emerged from Venice, CA, with a dedicated audience among area skaters and surfers. As they established themselves on the Los Angeles punk scene, the group released their self-titled debut on Frontier Records with songs like 'Institutionalized,' 'Fascist Pig,' and 'Suicide's an Alternative.' "Suicidal Tendencies" became the bestselling American punk album of all time and launched the band into their long-lasting career.

'Institutionalized' has been referenced in many other songs, mostly its quote "all I wanted was a Pepsi". It is referenced in the Sage Francis song 'Slow Down Gandhi,' Limp Bizkit also referenced it in the song 'Stuck', also the lines "All I wanted was a Pepsi " are also quoted near the ending of the Cypress Hill song 'How I Could Just Kill a Man,' and Body Count recorded a cover version of 'Institutionalized', with new lyrics written by singer Ice-T, called 'Institutionalized 2014.'

Suicidal Tendencies became the chameleons of aggressive rock 'n' roll. Starting with their debut album on Frontier Records in 1983, the band progressed from the punk rock genre into heavy metal/thrash. Throughout this transformation, singer, founder, and leader Mike Muir broadcast his own message with wit and wisdom to anyone that would listen.

After the video for 'Institutionalized' broke through the MTV airwaves as the first hardcore video for the channel, the song gained further notoriety on the soundtrack for the cult film "Repo Man" in 1984.

The original album continues to be a perennial punk rock best seller due to its wide appeal and catchy tunes. Every song on it is great. It's a perfect crossover between hardcore punk and metal.

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