The Cairo Gang - Untouchable

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The spiny tingle of excitement, the building anticipation of ritual! Chord progressions in the key of the heart! The Cairo Gang's music is a refreshing dip in the pools of classic youth-pop, with songs of star-crossed breakthroughs and guitars cross-talking with a bejeweled ennui and a sly sting that appeals to a higher order. Is it something in our head or maybe in the skies above? Yet, the stars aren‰۪t going to save us, they‰۪re destined to glitter dispassionately as we go down again - and rise up again. The untouchable stands outside, removed by necessity from the castes of our world. This remove makes him the most reliable narrator in tracking the way of things between people. Throughout Untouchable, Emmett Kelly is such a narrator, made bemused and dizzy by the sights swirling around him, the fraying sense of connection and people‰۪s need so keen to be self-aware that we write our own autobiographies before we should ever be called to witness, publish our diary pages and call them entertainment. As these instincts develops into interrelationships, contradictions abound for our singer. Dwelling in the head while noticing things - or waiting to notice things - and lyrical to the bitter-sweet end, The Cairo Gang serve up sweet-and-sorrow reveries of Untouchable, a breathtaking series of entanglements and attempts to break free, a trace of dolor wafting through their dancing riff-works.