The Cosmic Dead - Eccie Bam, Yas E?

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Formed in 2010, The Cosmic Dead are a quartet from Glasgow, Scotland who share their music through goodåÊvibes and better vibrations. Known for their improvised, chaos-strewn, Buckfast-smashed-against-the-wall takeåÊon space music, they have roamed from Roadburn to Las Vegas, Dundee to Bangalore. Each album is aåÊdocument of the time and space the group find themselves in, a tangible artefact hewn from a psychedelicåÊcontinuum orchestrated by The Cosmic Dead.åÊEccie Bam Yas, E? began life as a more meditative piece than the rocket-fuelled out-rock the band are moreåÊassociated with. Spliced and reformed by the band, taken from jams and improvised sets taken from theåÊRainbowhead recordings in Kyle of Lochalsh, a small village in the North of Scotland near the Isle of Skye. In thisåÊremote setting the band recorded a myriad of improvised pieces inspired by their rural surroundings and theåÊmaterial has been scattered across three albums; 'Easterfaust'(2014), 'Rainbowhead'(2016) and 'Eccie Bam, YasåÊE?'(2017).åÊBeginning with an eldritch drift that roams the stereo field, phasing in an out from another realm, Smash TheåÊSash melts into an electronic rock piece powered by keyboardist Lewis Cook‰۪s analog synth sequence andåÊdrummer Julian Dicken‰۪s pummelling drum work. The cumulative effect reminds the listener of early KrautrockåÊexperiments, like first line-up Tangerine Dream playing Tanzmusik with early, rock-band Kraftwerk while epicåÊshow-stealer Fleein‰۪ From The Polis brings the stringed instruments centre stage, Bassist Omar Aborida duetsåÊwith James MacKay‰۪s warped guitar playing to create weaves of sound across a moody rhythm section. Side BåÊopens with Buckfast Aye, a brooding exploration with stereo-panned guitars a-flutter before the band take theåÊlistener into a slow-paced burner that brings the group‰۪s psychedelic craftsmanship into play. The set ends with aåÊfull on trip. Lynx Africa builds the group‰۪s sound into a space-rock jam that reminds the listener of classic mid-70såÊHawkwind or the more long-form music White Hills built their early career on. What‰۪s without question on EccieåÊBam Yas, E? is that the group are telepathic in their playing and psychopathic in their purpose.åÊMonorail Music of Glasgow are proud to announce a new imprint with the intention of documenting our globalåÊcommunity and the many forms it takes.

Limited to 800 on Black Vinyl.