The Dumb Moves - The Dumb Moves

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Low-key studio duo The Dumb Moves validate their short existence by releasing their quirky debut album on fury discs. A low-fi, guitar-driven set, which is as happy as it is heart-breaking: This collection owes much to the band‰۪s contemporary influences from their native Southend. This is no surprise as the group are essentially a busmen‰۪s‰۪ holiday for Mark Steward and Leighton Jennings, who between them are also members of Southend‰۪s indie royal families: Plantman, Dark Globes, and Melodie Group to name a few. The band have taken an oath never to play live, which we understand is an homage to the Beatles, but it seems more likely that they‰۪re just too f***ing knackered.