The Feelies - Crazy Rhythms

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Originally released in 1980 on Stiff Records, 'Crazy Rhythms' is the debut album from post-punk band The Feelies. Formed in 1976, the group had a major influence over the new wave movement and beyond; with REM amongst others citing them as an important influence. With a musical landscape that is sparse and thoughtful at times and vibrantly raucous when necessary. 'Crazy Rhythms' lives up to its title, pairing the group's signature skitter-to-drone guitar sound with neurotic energy drafted off the moment punk started to give way to new wave. Short tracks like 'Fa C̩ La' and 'Moscow Nights' have a pop punch while longer songs like 'Forces At Work' and the title track find different sorts of thrills from the unexpected way their uneasy jangles and insistent beats weave together in an ever tighter bundle of sound.
LP - 180 Gram Vinyl.